The book for those who take care about the future of our planet

Is balance possible between the capacity of the biosphere to maintain optimum conditions of life and the industrial production which is based on use of traditional and ecological sources of energy? Has universal indication of state of the global ecosystem which quantitative calculates not only the distant past of the Earth but also possible further changes on the planet existed?
Answers to these questions had been reflected in our book «Modern state of the biosphere and the ways of conservation of its stability» which had been published by «Lambert Academic Publishing» in November 2015.


Title of the book reflects problems of the present biosphere. However the content is not a copy of the posts published on this site. We had refreshed and supplemented information in the light of past events.
Key words: biosphere, biocapacity, biobalance, energy consumption by humanity, population of the planet, continental moisture-carrying, native ecosystems.
The book is sold by Internet shops:


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